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The Sisters Fox

A new co-collaboration between Saskatoon's Thigh High Theatre (Lauren Holfeuer) and Alex Hartshorn. This is an exciting new venture, bringing together both Lauren and Alex's styles of work. 

Come see the strange and peculiar Fox Sisters as they communicate with the dead. The sisters’ dark skill brings them fortune and fame until rumours spread that their clairvoyance is a hoax. Can Maggie and Kate Fox hold on to the empire they’ve built, or will rumours destroy everything? Witness the Sisters Fox and ask yourself, do you believe in ghosts? Inspired by a surprisingly true story.

Lauren and Alex were very excited to premiere this project at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival in August, 2017. 

Thursday August 3 8:45 PM// Saturday August 5 3:50 PM// Sunday August 6 9:25 PM// Monday August 7 7:30 PM// Wednesday August 9 5:45// Friday August 11 5:45 PM//  Saturday August 12 7:30 PM