This project is a story about two women, She and Her. The women go through their daily routines quite cyclicly, without knowing the other exists; they begin in their own realms of reality. Physically, they express very similar routines, and we see each in her own element. Their routines become interrupted when their worlds collide, and one woman finds herself accidentally in the other's trajectory. A union blossoms, but their routines pull them back into their own worlds. They are separated from each other, going back to how things were. But things are different for them once they are apart once again, for they both have had the experience of meeting the other and their perceptions of reality are altered. The women go through their routines once again, but they are jagged, and they don't move through it with the same kind of ease. The movement vocabulary of the piece have the women explore the imminent question: "What if it always looks the same?"

Embracing the physical, more image-based way of conveying a story is the vessel of this piece, and in its contents are themes of connection, unification, routine and communication. 


Original script and score concept by Alex Hartshorn

Choreography and performance by Alex Hartshorn and Christina Persson

Original sound score composed by Jon Neher.

"She&Her is the story of two women experiencing similar life routines of repetition of rigour. When their two worlds unexpectedly collide, their paths are altered. Through movement of the body, this live art installation explores concepts of human connection and the undeniable depth that can exist even in what seems to be the most trivial of interactions." 

This project has been in the works for a few years and has taken a few different forms: She&Her was first presented as part of Hardly Art's Short Cuts short play festival in April 2016, and as part of Live Five's season launch cabaret in September of 2016. For the third instalment, the piece took on the form of a 30 minute 'live art installation' performance set in a gallery, with a focus on providing an all-encompassing sensory experience with an expanded original music score and dynamic digital projection and videography. 


Tuesday January 17th - Sunday January 22nd 2017

Frances Morrison Central Library Art Gallery, 2nd floor, 311 23rd St East


Wednesday January 25th - January 28th 2017

World Of Trout Pop-Up Store, 2323 11th Ave