"Frieda and Henrich’s blossoming romance is the heart of the play, and it’s delightful because the two are so innocent and the acting so good."

"Hartshorn is nothing less than a revelation as Frieda, an actor with great emotional range, fresh and naive in some scenes and haunted and troubled in others. At Friday’s opening, she was completely in the moment and delivered a magnetic, flawless performance."

- Cam Fuller/Saskatoon Star Phoenix, The Clockmaker 2015


"Nathan Howe as Becky's still-living-at-home son Chris and Alexandria Hartshorn as Walter's privileged daughter Kensington [...] give very strong performances."

-Joe Couture/Regina Leader-Post, Becky's New Car,  2014


"And while each of the cast is worthy of note on their own, Alexandria Hartshorn’s portrayal of the youngest Bennet sister, 16-year-old, boy-crazy Lydia, stands out as one of the best."

- Arielle Zerr/Regina Carillon, Pride and Prejudice 2013


"Hartshorn does well with her difficult character. Behind the snarky comments there is real pain and vulnerability."

- Stephanie McKay/Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Five Women Wearing The Same Dress 2011