Globe Theatre Conservatory, Regina, SK, 2012

Globe Theatre Conservatory, Regina, SK, 2012

Hi, I'm Alex.

I write my own website. So, here's a little bit about me:

I currently reside in my hometown of Saskatoon, SK, where I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with her BFA in Acting in 2011. I grew up Ukrainian folk dancing and have strong roots connecting me to the stories of my heritage, and thus sparked my love of physical storytelling and creation. I'm a performer, dancer, choreographer and budding director for independent and professional productions, and I've also recently treaded into the waters of playwriting.

Since obtaining my BFA, I further honed my craft by completing the Globe Theatre Actor Conservatory Training program in 2012, and the One Yellow Rabbit Devised Theatre Intensive in 2014. I've taught theatre and creation classes to children and young adults at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon, and  brought shows and dance workshops to children in community schools all across the province of Saskatchewan.

Though my BFA is in acting, my specialty is people. I'm always about what makes people tick, what ignites their soul fires, why we do what we do, and the languages we use to express it . I also am very interested in human relationships and the dynamics of connection, and I've found the theatre to be a beautiful place to research and explore. I've  found many passions within the realm of theatre and performance; I've been Assistant Director to Director/Chroeographer Stephanie Graham at the Globe Theatre for two productions (All Shook Up and The Little Mermaid-- and one coming up soon-- Shrek The Musical), and has done movement and dance choreography for theatre companies in Saskatchewan such as Persephone Theatre, Station Arts Theatre, and Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. This past summer, I collaborated with my friend Lauren at Thigh High Theatre to bring an exciting new creation to the 2017 Saskatoon Fringe Festival, The Sisters Fox (check it out under the "Works" section).

I like to think I have a creative spirit. I'm obsessed with possibility (sometimes to a detriment) and always looking for the story. I live for the thrill of turning a thought or abstract idea into something real, tangible, and effectual. I'm both a people person and introvert, an extreme empath, an HSP, and  always into examining the invisible forces that make us the way we are. 

I'm also a firm believer that food is the meaning of life. I'll travel anywhere in the world for a taste of the local cuisine. I'm a wanderluster, karaoke enthusiast and yogi, but these descriptors can change with the week. I'm a jack of all trades...and master of none.